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In every Plant Magic Club box you'll find:

1. Fun, educational activities with language arts, science and social studies content related to the different monthly themes.

2. Aromatherapy supplies to build your own (growing) apothecary.

3. A hands-on science-related experiment or art project that ties in with the month's plant studies.

4. Unique collectibles to keep when you're done exploring the box. Perfect for budding botanists.

5. Suggestions about how to extend the lessons, including thematic books and recipe ideas.

It's an engaging and inspiring class in a box... Join us as we explore the magic of the plant world together!

  • Climbing an orange tree

    Oranges, the Sun and the Moon

    Ships December 26th-30th - 2022

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  • English Rose

    Roses and Myths About Love

    Ships January 25th-30th - 2023

  • Marjoram

    Marjoram and Myths About Luck

    Ships February 25th-30th - 2023

  • Butterfly on Echinacea

    Yarrow and Metamorphosis

    Ships March 25th-30th - 2023

  • Lemon Balm

    Lemon Balm and Glass Gardens

    Ships April 25th-30th - 2023

  • Field of wild mushrooms

    Vetiver and Midsummer Dreams

    Ships May 25th-30th - 2023

  • Botany and Birds

    Ships June 25th-30th - 2023

  • Peach blossoms

    Summer Break

    July '23 - Summer Break - No new boxes shipping in July

  • Seaweed and fish swimming

    Seaweed and Sea Life

    Ships August 25-30th - 2023

  • Jar of frankincense resin

    Frankincense and Desert Plants

    Ships September 25th-30th - 2023

  • Ginger and Farm to Market

    Ships October 25-30th - 2023

  • Seeds and Wool

    Ships November 25th-30th - 2023

  • Cinnamon, Cocoa and Treasures of the Rainforest

    Ships Dec. 2023

  • Spanish Lavender

    Lavender and Pollinators

    Shipped Sept. 28th - 2022

    Overstock boxes are in the shop through Dec.'22

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  • Petrified Wood

    Cedar and Fossilized Plants

    Shipped Oct. 27th - 2022 Overstock boxes are in the shop through Dec'22

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  • Pine forest

    Pine and Tiny Weavers

    Shipped November 30th - 2022

    Overstock boxes are in the shop through Jan.'22

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