Charter Schools

We accept charter school funds and purchase orders from all charter schools!

If your school requires product and materials vendors to be in their system, please let your Homeschool Teacher know about your interest in Plant Magic Club and email us at

We are approved vendors for Blue Ridge Academy, Excel Academy, Heartland, iLEAD, Sage Oak, Suncoast Prep, Ocean Grove, Sky Mountain and South Sutter Charter Schools. (Compass Charter School pending '23/24)

Cabrillo Point Academy, Mission Vista Academy, and Pacific Coast Academy - How to Order:

1. When selecting the product/materials vendor, first select "other" or "other product vendor" and then type in Plant Magic Club for the vendor on your order request. (Plant Magic Club is a materials "product" that is "consumable" and is a core subject supplement for science, language arts and social studies.)

2. Select the bundles or single boxes of your choice. You may need to add in your shipping and sales tax as separate line items. (To find out the total cost for your order you can add your desired boxes/bundles to your Plant Magic Club cart for checkout, just don't complete the final check out.)

Sibling Add-Ons can also be ordered:

When ordering the Sibling Add On options, please add the number (quantity) that you want, to match the number of total activity boxes in your order. The listing is for a single sibling add on for one activity box .

When your Purchase Order is received, your order will be shipped with that months orders.

Plant Magic Club is a hands-on supplement for language arts, science and social studies curriculums, designed by a CA Credentialed Teacher with a M.A. Education, Instruction and Curriculum, who is also a homeschooling mom. Activity pages in the box can be used as work samples and are designed to be used all at once for a larger lesson, or broken into smaller parts to use over multiple lessons.


Single Boxes - $38.95 each

Sibling Add Ons - $18.95 each (free shipping with box)

3 Box Bundle* with Book - $116.85 

5 Box Bundle* - $194.75 

15 Box Bundle* - Full Curriculum - $569.25 - ($37.95 each box)

*Bundles ship at a reduced rate.