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Historic Plants Bundle - Temporarily Sold Out

Historic Plants Bundle - Temporarily Sold Out

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This activity box bundle comes with 3 plant-themed boxes and a bonus book of poetry - "The Blacker the Berry," by beloved poet Joyce Carol Thomas. It's a perfect compliment to the food-based plants with significant historical influence that are highlighted in this bundle.

Collect 3 different plant tins and aromatic vials to add to your home apothecary. 

The Historic Plants bundle contains:

- Roses and Myths About Love - Make rose hip tea and write letters to friends inspired by the language of flowers!

- Ginger and Farm to Market - Make ginger tea, eat ginger candy and create new color names inspired by the farmer's market!

 - Seeds and Wool - Make felted wool soap and learn about the myriad ways that seed oils are used in plant medicine!

Round it all out with map activities, creative writing and Spanish vocab in every box!

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