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Seeds and Wool - Fall 2024

Seeds and Wool - Fall 2024

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Available for Order August 15th - November 15th, 2024.

Come explore aromatic seeds, with an emphasis on plant seed oils, and discover their important role in plant medicine. We're also looking at how wool is used in our daily lives... Join us as we venture to the other side of the farm, cozy up with sheep, and explore wet felting techniques. This box is especially fun for the tactile learners.

In this box:

1) Explore chia seed apothecary and aromatherapy

2) Make felted soap

3) Investigate carriers oils

4) Learn about wooly animals

5) Research shepherds

6) Discover wet felting techniques

7) Map global native chia habitats

8) Create gratitude jars

9) Diagram the life cycle of a seed

10) Translate vocabulary into Spanish...

And more!

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