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Biomes Bundle - Spring '24

Biomes Bundle - Spring '24

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This activity box bundle comes with 3 plant-themed boxes and a bonus book of interactive brain puzzles with a planet earth theme. It's a perfect compliment to the ocean, desert and rainforest habitats that are highlighted in this bundle.

Collect 3 different plant tins and aromatic vials to add to your home apothecary. 

The Biomes Bundle contains:

- Cinnamon, Cocoa and Treasures of the Rainforest - Bead with rainforest seeds and plant chocolate sunflowers!

- Frankincense and Desert Plants - Create a cactus wind chime and do a taste test of agave nectar!

 - Seaweed and Sea Life - Make a mixed media seascape and explore how sea life treasures are used by artists!

Round it all out with map activities, creative writing and Spanish vocab in every box!

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