What's Plant Magic Club?

Welcome to Our Garden!

Plant Magic Club is the hands-on activity box for nature-loving families. (And families who aspire to be nature lovers!) Think herbology meets anthropology meets biology, for kids!

Every themed box contains carefully curated curriculum that's made to order with attention to detail. Opening each box feels like exploring a fun gift - but the win-win is the exceptional educational value.

There are 15 different aromatic plants to choose from in our global garden. We use the plant samples in the Aromatherapy section of each box to add to our own growing home apothecary, and become familiar with that plant through smelling and touching the plant specimens that are included.

In addition to the aromatic plant studies, in each box we also delve into a secondary, complimentary, nature-related subject. Fun collectibles round out this part of the box and are perfect for extending our plant and nature explorations.

Engaging activity pages that relate to the themes are a central part of each box too. They're a perfect companion to guide the hands-on learning in science, social studies and language arts, and make great work-samples.

In Plant Magic Club we'll study aromatherapy and build an apothecary, all while learning about botany and different geographic regions all over the world. We'll grow seeds, make teas, map native habitats, read folklore, discover historical and indigenous practices, keep charts, do puzzles, create science and art projects, and become friends with plants as we engage with the natural world together!

It's our mission to foster an appreciation for the plant world so that we feel more connected to nature. It's our hope that parents and caregivers will enjoy these boxes alongside their kids, and together we can build a kinder, more responsible relationship with plants and nature that's built on a deeper understanding of our interconnectedness.