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Taking Flight Bundle - Spring 2025

Taking Flight Bundle - Spring 2025

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Available for Order January 15th - April 15th, 2025.

This activity box bundle comes with 3 plant themed boxes and a bonus activity book - "Birds and Butterflies Drawing and Activity Book." We have a very limited stock of these books and they're so cool - with puzzle pages and step-by-step drawing lessons. Our 10 year old loves this series and it compliments the flying friends that are highlighted in this interactive bundle.

Collect 3 different plant tins and aromatic vials to add to your home apothecary. 

The Taking Flight bundle contains:

- Lavender and Pollinators - Plant seeds, taste lavender honey and collect flying pollinator erasers! This is our most popular box.

- Yarrow and Metamorphosis - Plant seed bombs and play thematic games with jumping frogs!

 - Botany and Birds - Make an Audubon bird call, study feathers and play tree families memory! 

Round it all out with map activities, creative writing and Spanish vocab in every box!

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