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Sibling Add On

Sibling Add On

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Please select the quantity to order based on the number of total boxes that you're ordering.

For example: Order a quantity of 3 if you're also purchasing a 3 Box Bundle. Order a quantity of 5 if you're purchasing a 5 Box Bundle, etc. Order 1 Sibling Add On if you are ordering a single box. 

A great way for families with multiple children to participate (and save $)!

This is a sibling add on for a second child in one household.

This option cannot be ordered on its own without a complete box purchase.

The Sibling Add On includes all consumables and collectibles that can not be shared, including activity pages and projects. The apothecary/aromatherapy products will not be duplicated, as they can be shared.

The Sibling Add On ships with your box with no additional shipping charge.

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