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Garden Magic Bundle - Temporarily Sold Out

Garden Magic Bundle - Temporarily Sold Out

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This activity box bundle comes with 3 plant-themed boxes and a beautiful bonus coloring book - "Gnomes at Home." With thick, one sided pages that have perforated tear lines, and whimsical gnome illustrations in diverse home and garden settings, this book compliments the magical creatures that are highlighted in this bundle - gnomes, fairies and leprechauns!

Collect 3 different plant tins and aromatic vials to add to your home apothecary. 

The Garden Magic bundle contains:

- Lemon Balm and Glass Gardens - Plant seeds and make mini glass garden sculptures!

- Vetiver and Midsummer Dreams - Observe roots and make mushroom and fairy bookmarks!

 - Marjoram and Myths About Luck - Grow paper coins and make a lucky charm necklace!

Round it all out with map activities, creative writing and Spanish vocab in every box!

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