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Plant Magic Club

15 Box Bundle

15 Box Bundle

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Get the Full Plant Magic Club Curriculum in three easy shipments. Perfect for anyone who wants to plan the year or semester out ahead of time.

All of the supplies that you need for a full year of hands-on botanical science, with social studies and language arts supplements, including map work, creative writing, career research, and Spanish vocabulary. 

Work at your own speed! Boxes can be done weekly, bi-monthly or monthly, depending on your own needs and pace. Make lesson planning easier with access to the supplemental Book Recommendations and Ideas for Extending the Activities ahead of time.

Our boxes are purposely compact and environmentally friendly, so there's no extra unwanted storage space taken.

Enjoy a bulk discount and reduced shipping: $37.95 per box (Reg. $38.95)

*Please note that your first two shipments will include the first 12 boxes on the list and will be sent the month that we receive your order. Your third shipment will be sent in January '24 and will include the final 3 boxes with the * from the list below.

The box themes included are:

Lavender and Pollinators

Cedar and Fossilized Plants

Pine and Tiny Weavers

Oranges, The Sun and the Moon

Roses and Myths About Love

Marjoram and Myths About Luck

Yarrow and Metamorphosis

Lemon Balm and Glass Gardens

Vetiver and Midsummer Dreams

Botany and Birds

Seaweed and Sea Life

Frankincense and Desert Plants

*Ginger and Farm to Market

*Seeds and Wool

*Cinnamon, Cocoa and Treasures of the Rainforest

Plant Magic Club is an engaging and inspiring class in a box that combines aromatherapy, botany and cultural studies for kids ages 5-13+. Created by a Credentialed Teacher and Certified Aromatherapist so that kids can explore the magic of the plant world by learning about a different aromatic plant in every box. Each box is full of hands-on activities that can be used all at once, or broken up into smaller lessons, and follows state standards for language arts, science and social studies content.

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