April News & Transformations

April News & Transformations

Hi Plant Magic Club! 

Spring is here and it's our very favorite season, as you might expect!

It's a time of regeneration, renewal and growth in so many ways throughout the natural world.

It's also a time for growth for us at Plant Magic Club, as we now officially include Single Boxes in our online shop, in addition to the Subscription options.

We're also new vendors for two more charter schools: iLead and Sage Oak. We can't wait to get to know your families!

In Other News...

We've heard from our printer that there's a delay on our Yarrow and Metamorphosis box activity pages because 2 people who work there are on vacation this week (that's half their staff).
We love partnering with our local printer and supporting another small family business... but this is definitely part of the deal! Unexpected delays that are outside of our control.

We just have to take a deep breath and stop and smell the tadpoles... I mean roses. 

The new shipping date is early next week. Thank you for your patience!!!

Pre-orders are happening now for our Lemon Balm and Glass Gardens box, shipping April 30th. This box will explore one of my all time ever favorite herbs, and we're also going to be learning about different types of glass traditions throughout the world.

We hope you'll join us! 🌿

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