Support our Subscription Scholarship Fund!

Support our Subscription Scholarship Fund!

Hi Plant Magic Club!

We have some very exciting news to share and we're hoping that it gets you excited too! We firmly believe in mutual aid and one of our founding missions was to create a scholarship program for families who are interested in Plant Magic Club but who don't have the financial resources to become subscribers.

We're launching the Plant Magic Club Subscription Scholarship Fund in January '23 and are having a holiday season fundraiser and giveaway to help support the project.

Every $5 donation made now through Dec. 31st will receive one entry into our giveaway.

1. All funds collected go directly into the Plant Magic Club Subscription Scholarship Fund, and towards providing monthly boxes for families in need of mutual aid.

2. How to Enter: Simply make a donation using the Subscription Scholarship Fund - Donate $5 link. (You can find the link in our shop or with the website search feature.)

3.The winner of the giveaway will get to pick a box of their choice from past boxes or get a month free add-on to their current subscription.

4. The winner will be notified by email on January 5th.

If you're interested in helping to spread the word we'd love your support!

Thank you for helping us expand the possibilities of creative plant and nature studies education!

In Other News...

We've been hearing sweet messages from many of our customers who loved receiving their Lavender and Pollinators boxes. These comments make our day! So please keep them coming.

We also want to hear feedback about any issues that may have come up because we're always hoping to improve our customer experience. So please send those too.

Also - many of our early subscribers signed up before the Sibling Add-On feature was available. If you're ever interested in adding to a current subscription you can purchase the Sibling Add-On for the number of boxes that you have remaining in your subscription. Just go to the website and select how many months you want to add, then we'll add it to your account to be included in the next shipment.

October 15th is the deadline for pre-orders of our Cedar and Fossilized Plants box... this one is for all of the rock hounds out there and we can't wait to share it with you!

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