Our NEW Bundles are Here! Happy Summer 🌞

Our NEW Bundles are Here! Happy Summer 🌞

Summer is here and we've been busy as bees at Plant Magic Club!

First, today is our One Year Anniversary!! It's hard to believe that this all started with a vision and a dream. And here we are now with all of you!

Next, we've had 2 new box releases since our last update: the Vetiver and Midsummer Dreams box and the Botany and Birds box. PLUS something extra exciting that's been in the works for a bit is the release of our new box bundles!

We've heard from many of you that you like to receive multiple boxes together at one time, so we compiled some fun nature themed bundles that include 3 activity boxes and a bonus book, activity book, etc. (they differ by bundle theme). Hopefully this helps with filling in activities for these slower, longer summer days... as well as with fall lesson planning and holiday gift giving too!

A reminder for our current subscribers: We aren't releasing any new boxes at the end of July, as we're doing a summer restock for all of our out of stock boxes, to prepare for fall orders. The Botany and Birds boxes will be shipping next week after the holiday weekend, and then the next new box is Seaweed and Sea Life that will be shipping out at the end of August. Thank you for your patience!

And finally... If you have a chance to check out our new ad on the back of "In Her Garden" magazine at Barnes and Noble, please do! It's in the Home and Garden section and on magazine stands all summer long! It's a beautiful magazine. Send us a photo if you see it. ✨

Keep watching us as we grow and have a great summer! 🌱🌱🌱

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