Lemon Balm and Garden Gnomes

Lemon Balm and Garden Gnomes

Our Lemon Balm and Glass Gardens Box pre-orders shipped yesterday! This activity box is full of garden exploration fun and we hope you enjoy it along with our beautiful spring weather.

If you're a regular customer you may notice a silver apothecary tin in this month's box. Our custom gold tins didn't arrive in time so we thought this shiny silver one would be a perfect stand in while we wait, especially since there's both silver AND gold wire in the collectibles pouch. Sometimes it's hard to pick just one!

We've included samples of various glass beads from all over the world and you'll get to make your own free form glass and wire garden sculpture on a mini scale... just the right size for a garden gnome to discover and appreciate!

Enjoy planting your heirloom lemon balm seeds - did you catch that they're from the year 300 BC!? - and let us know when they're big enough that you're using them for tea! They take 2-3 months to grow from seed to plant, so it might be summer or maybe even fall, but anytime is a wonderful time for fresh lemon balm tea!

Lemon balm is hands down the herb in our garden that I use the most, and it grows year-round in our sunny Southern California climate. However, if your plant goes dormant it should return again the following spring.

In Other News...

If you're looking for single boxes in the shop you might notice that a few of our boxes are out of stock right now. We'll be stocking all products again in July, for the start of the new school year, so please do come back then if there's something you've had your eye on.

Our next pre-order box, Vetiver and Midsummer Dreams, is all about discovering root systems, mushrooms and a sprinkling of fairy magic. Shipping time for this box is delayed because of the Memorial Day holiday weekend and will be shipping between June 2-June 5th. It will be worth the wait!

Our current shipping schedule is always updated on our homepage, for easy reference.

Have a beautiful May Plant Magic Club!

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