Caves Are So Cool!

Caves Are So Cool!

kid in a cave

This month we were amateur cave explorers... prompted by a family reunion trip and a fascination with our pollinator friends the bats! We've visited five different caves in the Ozarks and now we're on our way to the famous Carlsbad Caverns National Park! We are definitely excited. Be sure to follow us to find out more about our experiences watching bats leaving their homes in search of their evening meals. Plant Magic Club is on Instagram and Facebook and we'll have more photos from our cave explorations there in the coming days.

So far we've seen: bats flying past us in the caves, orange spotted salamanders eating bat guano, mysterious pools of water with no known outside source, fossilized sea life in the ceilings, stalagmites reaching for the glistening tops of the caverns and stalactites dripping water kisses on our heads. Each experience has been so cool! We have learned a lot about life underneath the surface of our earth.

In Other News:

Aside from learning about bats, did you know that September is National Honey Month!? We're also exploring the critical work of bees as pollinators in our Lavender and Pollinators Box and can not wait to share it with you! Plus you'll get to taste some lavender-infused honey from your box, made by Honey Run Farm, a small family run honey farm. It's quite delicious.

August 31st is the last day of our pre-order promotions. Order today for sale pricing!

September 15th is the last day to order to make sure you get your Lavender and Pollinators Box - either as part of your subscription or single boxes. (Overstock boxes will be available in the shop while supplies last.)

Starting September 2nd be sure to visit our Instagram page @plantmagicclub to enter our FIRST FRIDAY FREEBIES contest every month - fun extras for the winners will be put into your box before it ships. They're like door prizes for coming to our Plant Magic Club party.

Thank you for joining us as we grow!

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