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Plant Magic Club

3 Month Subscription

3 Month Subscription

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Boxes typically ship on the 30th of the month.

2023 Schedule of Boxes in the Subscription:

 January '23: Roses and Myths About Love

 February '23: Marjoram and Myths About Luck

 March '23: Yarrow and Metamorphosis

 April '23: Lemon Balm and Glass Gardens

 May '23: Vetiver and Midsummer Dreams

 June '23: Botany and Birds

 July '23: (Summer Break)

 August '23: Seaweed and Sea Life

 September '23: Frankincense and Desert Plants

 October '23: Ginger and Farm to Market

 November '23: Seeds and Wool

 December '23 - (Winter Break)

 January '24: Cinnamon, Cocoa and Treasures of the Rainforest

Plant Magic Club is an engaging and inspiring class in a box that combines aromatherapy, botany and cultural studies for kids ages 5-13+. Created by a Credentialed Teacher and Certified Aromatherapist so that kids can explore the magic of the plant world by learning about a different aromatic plant every month. Each box is full of hands-on activities that can be used all at once, or broken up into smaller lessons, and follows state standards for language arts, science and social studies content.


Single Boxes - $38.95 each

Sibling Add Ons - $18.95 each (free shipping with box)

3 Month Subscription - $37.95 per month = $113.85 pre-pay (does not auto-renew)

3 Box Bundle* with Book - $116.85 

5 Box Bundle* - $194.75 

15 Box Bundle* - Full Curriculum - $569.25 - ($37.95 each box)

*Bundles ship at a reduced rate.

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